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If you’ve landed here the chances are that life is not great for you right now

You or your child may be being isolated by a social phobia or you are a parent struggling to cope with a school phobic or refusing child. You may be feeling that parenting is very much harder than you could ever have imagined and that right now you don’t know where to turn to get help, support and practical advice.

Here at Ground Beneath Your Feet my aim is to provide just the help you crave. I work using transformational coaching with both adults and children. Advice, support and mentoring of families, is available here, helping you better understand your situation and helping you move forward positively.

If what you see and read on the pages of this website resonates with you, message me below to arrange an initial free conversation. We can talk through your particular circumstances and work out between us if the support I provide at Ground Beneath Your Feet can be helpful to you.

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When we first started working with Kate it literally felt like finding a patch of solid ground in the middle of sinking sand. The name of her business Ground Beneath Your Feet felt entirely appropriate. Working with Kate, made the difficult choices we had to make more informed and less reactive. We can see a future for our child that was not visible before.

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Parents of 15 year old school phobic