The how, what and why of work undertaken at Ground beneath Your Feet

What is on offer to you?

Transformational Life Coaching
Forward Pathways

I didn’t discover coaching until my late forties mores the pity. Taking the time and sharing the process of working through and understanding what you really want out of life and putting in place actions that bring you closer to succeeding, is in my opinion the most useful gift you can give yourself.

Coaching if you haven’t experienced it, comes from the perspective of believing that you are resourceful, well and whole. Working with a trained coach gives you the opportunity to un muddle your thoughts and explore the right way forward for you.

If you are a parent facing the stresses and strains that family life can bring and you proactively want to change the way things are going, and how you feel about them, I may be the right coach for you.

Help with beating school phobia or school refusal
Ground Beneath Your Feet

This is the work closest to my heart. Your child is sinking deeper and deeper into a downward spiral of not wanting/being able to go to school. Home life is increasingly a war zone or scene of despair, on school mornings, and the whole family are feeling the effect. You’ve been to the GP and explored physical symptoms. You feel your child’s teachers thing you are a neurotic, over protective parent, I understand this condition because I experienced it myself as an adolescent and a generation later as a parent. 25 years of working as a teacher in a wide variety of schools gives me valuable experience and expertise of the educational environment.

If you and your child choose to work with me you can know I will be empathetic, supportive and fully committed to working alongside you. Stabilising your situation, creating awareness of options, learning to fight the phobia, finding the right pathway into the future for you.

Children with behavioural problems, friendship difficulties and low self esteem
Journeying through life

As parents we can feel powerlessness and pain when things go wrong for our children. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist …………………………………………………..

When we first started working with Kate it literally felt like finding a patch of solid ground in the middle of sinking sand.