Kate has been and continues to be a lifesaver in helping our son work through his school phobia and in helping us learn how to help our son. I wouldn’t wish a school phobia on any child or their family, but with Kate, we have survived and are seeing enormous improvements in our son’s happiness. Kate has supported us wholeheartedly, whether in how to deal with a tantrum or how to negotiate with the school on the re-integration of our son into his class. We are incredibly grateful to Kate for her ongoing commitment and support for our son and our family.

Father of a school phobic child

Kate’s support, friendly, intuitive and experienced guidance has been pivotal in enabling our family to understand, manage and see positivity in our situation with a child with acute anxiety and so, school refusal. As a result of Kate’s insights we are a much happier family. Our fears have lessoned with Kate’s realistic and nurturing help. She has been essential to us staying happily sane! We are extremely grateful to her.

[Update] J having been out of school for over a year, has just completed a full term back in school ! Thank you Kate!


Mother to 7 year old school refuser

When we first started working with Kate it literally felt like finding a patch of solid ground in the middle of sinking sand. The name of her business Ground Beneath Your Feet felt entirely appropriate. Working with Kate, made the difficult choices we had to make more informed and less reactive. We can see a future for our child that was not visible before.

J & A G

Parents of 15 year old school phobic

Our son’s school phobia had slowly been creeping up on him over the course of a few years. For those years, my husband and I had struggled – generally unsuccessfully – to help our son see the good side of school. When it reached the point, where our son flatly refused to go to school, we asked Kate for help.

Three months on, our son has started to re-integrate into school. I am almost relieved that the situation was so bad that we called in Kate, because she has transformed the life of our son and of our family. Our son has had an advocate who believed in him and understood what he was going through. Kate worked with him to identify his fears and anxieties. She has taught us how to better communicate with our son and she has worked with the school to find out the best way for our son to thrive there. It has been a true blessing for us to work with Kate. Our son and our family is much, much happier.


Mother to an 8 year old school phobic