“Our son is doing really well at school now and loving it. He is much more confident and happier and we aren’t seeing the same levels of frustration since the dyslexia diagnosis. It is so lovely to see him happy and carefree again”.

“Thanks so much again for all your advice and assistance”

The mother who wrote this was emailing to tell me she had just referred me to a friend but gave me the gift of this update at the same time. It is always heart-warming to hear of a child being back on track, a family having found a way to function more happily.

As parents of an anxious child, we tend to get caught up in and brought down by our child’s anxiety. It’s impossible not to be affected when our child is unhappy or on an emotional rollercoaster. We see behaviour from our child that we don’t understand or know how to cope with and we jump on that emotional rollercoaster too. Anxiety can destroy normality and relationships in any household very easily.

Thinking about the work I did with these parents, the few sessions we shared, the truth is, the powerful thing, that really made change possible, was their decision to show up.

The advice I gave was a gentle tweaking of the way they were responding to their child’s frustrated behaviour. The assistance I provided, space and time to stop and think clearly. These parents had the chance to take a deep breath and tell me the whole story of their son’s unhappiness, honestly, without fear, blame or shame for anybody.

With careful questioning, they were able to work out for themselves what to do to help their son. They got on the same page, there is often a difference of opinion between parents/carers as to how to ‘deal’ with a child.

Sometimes we get totally hung up trying to ‘fix’ one bit of the jigsaw without allowing ourselves the perspective of the whole picture.

In Coaching, we’d say this was a clarity session, a chance to gain insight and put what we are going through into perspective so that we can make some decisions and know what to do next.

In looking at the whole picture, calmly, rationally we can get a better feel of where to start in trying to help our child.

SO, if you are going through a difficult time with one of your children don’t underestimate the value of talking to me or someone like me who can give you the time and space to climb off that roller coaster and put your feet firmly on the ground.

It can make all the difference in the world in getting your happy, carefree child back.

If you want to make a time to talk, contact me via my contact page https://groundbeneathyourfeet.co.uk/contact/