When one of my children was going through a period of acute anxiety, this was the thought that I would wake up with after a night of sleeplessness and worrying.

My brain would churn through my child saying  he ‘didn’t want to live’, that ‘ I didn’t understand ‘ that it was ‘ impossible to do what I was asking’ that there was ‘too much going on in his head’

I would replay moments from the previous day when I’d tried cajoling, pleading, bribing, threatening, none of which made me feel anything other than a hopelessly bad parent, because none of them worked.

I read countless books, tried to apply ideas gleaned from them.

I trawled the internet looking for help but nothing seemed to apply to my situation.

I talked to friends with children of a similar age and was further brought down by comparing my child to theirs and my heart sinking as their ‘helpful’ comments or advice just made me feel worse.

To be honest my energy was so low and my own level of anxiety so high, that my brain was incapable for seeing a way forward.

Can you relate to the place I was in?

Does your heart weigh heavy with trying to hold it together for your child and family?

Do you just wish there was someone who could understand and help you without your having to explain or make excuses for your child’s behaviour?

I’ve made it my work to help anyone going through this situation. I know what it’s like to live with an anxious child, the pain you see in them can feel unbearable and the worry and friction can negatively impact on all those around them.

I called my business GROUND BENEATH YOUR FEET because through coaching, advising and mentoring you, and your child, that’s what we are looking to find, some solid ground on which to stand whilst working out the best route forward.

No two situations are the same, but there are tools and techniques that I can introduce you to, that have helped lots of anxious children and young adults begin to defeat the effects of anxiety.

If you’d like a free exploratory session with me to understand whether the work I do and the courses I run could be just what you want, please contact me at kate@groundbeneathyourfeet.co.uk.

Imagine for one moment what it would feel like to know what you can do to help your anxious child.

What have you got to lose?